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1. I.C.A.L. 實驗室簡介

Intelligent Computation and Applications Laboratory (ICAL)

ICAL 實驗室以從事以AI技術(特別是logic-based, machine learning, soft-computing等)進行智慧型資訊系統的研究、設計與開發。

本實驗室座落於國立高雄大學理工第一實驗大樓四樓(room 406-1) 指導老師為吳志宏博士,成員為其研究生與專題指導學生。



  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Intelligent 
  • Robotics 
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization 
  • Evolvable Hardware Design & FPGA 
  • Multi-Core & GPU Programming 
  • etc.

ICAL成員的特質: 不會,要學 (To Learn) 要動手做 (To Do) 要好玩 (To Have Fun)



Welcome to "Intelligent Computation and Applications Laboratory (ICAL@ee.nuk.edu.tw)". We devote to the study, design, development, and implementation of intelligent information systems using AI-based techniques (especially logic-based, machine learning, soft-computing, etc.)

The location of this lab is at room 406-1, the first science building, National University of Kaohsiung. Members of ICAL include Dr. Johnw Chih-Hung Wu (the supervisor) and his graduate and undergraduate students.

Current Research Topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 
  • Intelligent Robotics 
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization 
  • Evolvable Hardware Design & FPGA
  • Multi-Core & GPU Programming 
  • etc.

We welcome graudate or undergraduate students who are interested in these topics to join with us.

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