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賀!! 本實驗室論文獲得 "IEEE/ACIS SNPD 2013" 會議接受

on 2013/4/16 9:20:00 (4341 reads)

Conference: 14th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2013), July 1 - 3, 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Paper ID:334
Title:Parallelism of Evolutionary Design of Image Filters for Evolvable Hardware Using GPU
Authors:Chih-Hung Wu, Chin-Yuan Chiang (錦源), Yi-Han Chen (詣翰)

Paper ID:335
Title:A Fast Genetic SLAM Approach for Mobile Robots
Authors:Chih-Hung Wu, Yi-Han Chen (詣翰), Yao-Yu Lee (曜宇), Chiung-Hui Tsai (瓊輝)

Conference website: http://acis.cps.cmich.edu/SNPD2013/

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